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Elect Kingdom Study Course

This is what we call "Study-Sum" and they are a study and summary of every chapter in the King James Bible!

Israel Kingdom of Priests
8 Lesson Course

This course provides a thorough history from an Angelic to Abrahamic point of view from the beginning to the end!

Chronology  History and Science are Important for Understanding 

IKOPI places things in order for simplicity's sake, and for easier comprehension!

A Kingdom is an expression of a culture presented by a King. A healthy description of a Kingdom tells you where its people come from and where they are going.

Elder Ishe

This Kingdom course is for everyone.


Young kids, like adults, think in pictures, and this course will offer them a clear picture for them to understand the ALMIGHTY's Kingdom!


Teens are coming out of learning everything their parents taught them, some of which they don't believe or agreement or see the purpose of. This course will drive in purpose and clarity!


Most adults have been mistaught for years and need a relearning of the actual facts of the world they live in... IKOPI will bring that back to the forefront!

Start your Kingdom course Today!

How this course is structured

  • Weekly Class in one of the eight Kingdom of Priests Courses
  • Weekly (often more) PDFs of each chapter of the King James Bible (the 1611 Bible)
  • Live Question and Answer (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
  • Course examination and certification

Why this course is the best

  • 1
    Fast way of learning
  • 2
    One on one feedback and practice
  • 3
    Tailored courses upon request
  • 4
    Chronology and Historically based for greater understanding  

Teacher: Brthr Nhmyh

Minister Nehemiah (Brthr Nhmyh) was born in Akwa Ibom State Nigeria and devotes several hours on a daily basis to the study of the scriptures, writing, ministering, counseling, and edifying others. He received a BSW from Loyola University Chicago and feels very privileged to have had a golden opportunity to capture valuable information and convey a message to those who desire and need it. Through extensive research and studies, Nehemiah has seen the power of extraordinarily simple steps and proper understanding of the Word of POWER.

What Students Are Saying

The chapter summaries and studies are so vital and great. The IKOPI is told from a point of view as from a descendant of Abraham himself, making it so much more understandable.

Jen Green

There is so much loose ends being tied together, it makes you wonder how you didn't see it and how other teachers and organizations aren't teaching it. It's simple enough for my nieces and nephews to grab a hold of.

Mandie Summers

Tuition Fees

Kingdom of Priests Basic:

This includes the Elect Kingdom Study Course or EKSC (RSS-Study-Sum), these are chapter revisions, studies, and summaries of all the chapters in the KJV; sent to you in PDF format. The Holy Spirit be with you as you study! This also includes the very rich 8-Lesson Rich Kingdom of Priest study course! Regularly $1,200/Year, but save 50% off when you register before registration deadline!

Kingdom of Priests Standard:

This includes everything from the KOP Basic, but also includes four monthly one-on-one skype or telephonic calls for personal counsel and/or questions! This is designed to strengthen leadership qualities, our Levi and Judah inspired students. Normally $2,400/Year, but save 50% when registered before registration deadline!

Kingdom of Priests Vangelizar:

This includes everything from the KOP Standard, but also includes a fully loaded wordpress website ready for blogging and vlogging as an experienced minister of the gospel. You'll also have the ability to share IKOPI and become rewarded for your ability to effectively spread the gospel. Normally $3,600/Year, but you will save 50% when registered before registration deadline!

Curriculum for 8-Great Lessons IKOP Course

The Holy Creation: Why the Creation and the Book of Genesis Matters

  • The Who WHAT When WHERE Why and HOW of the Creation
  • The Fallen Angels that Lead to Mankind
  • In the Beginning the Heavens & Earth: the First Four Days
  • The Next Three Days, the Birth & Creation of Adam
  • Days, Dimensions, and the Components of the Heavens
  • The Components of the Earth

The Rebellion of Adam: Sin and Death

  • Noah & the Flood
  • Insurrection and the Consequences
  • Cain and Abel and the Sons of Cain
  • A King Like the Other Nations
  • The Tower of Babel and Nimrod: Scattering the Nations

The ALMIGHTY and Covenants of the Fathers

  • The Royal Lineage Sought from Seth to Abraham
  • The Beginnings of the Children of Israel: Promised Seed
  • The Children of Israel Break the Covenant: Rebellion Part 3

The Divided Kingdom of Israel

  • The Kings of Judah
  • The Chronicles of the Kings of Samaria
  • The Assyrian Captivity
  • The Babylonian Captivity
  • The Four Kingdoms
  • Daniel’s Prophecy, the 8th and 11th Chapter

The Rise of the Enemies of Israel: Islam, Catholicism, Judaism

  • The Dark Ages
  • The Big Switch

The Tribulation: the Great Tribulation, the Return of CHRIST, the Recovery of the Kingdom

  • The History of 70 AD
  • A Time of Jacob’s Trouble
  • Babylon Has Fallen, It is Fallen
  • The Year of the Jubilee

The Unification of the Kingdom and the Millenial Reign

  • CHRIST on the Throne Ruling in the Midst of the Earth
  • Judah and Ephraim Unite

The Day of the Great Judgment

  • Everlasting Fire for Devil and His Angels

Time is of the Essence; Get Started Today!

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