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Learn Why Now is the Vital Time for You to Understand the Phrase, And the Books Were Opened, and Relearn your Bible Before March of 2023!

Greetings and peace,

I'm Minister Koko, people often call me Elder Ishe (pronounced Is-he). Please give me your attention for the next 30 minutes. I have a question. If someone was totally new to the Bible, or they grew up Catholic, Buddhist, Atheist, or hid in a cave where they did not know even the basics of the Bible, how would you teach them?

We thought about this and after years of research and studying other methods, we’ve come to a pretty solid conclusion and method to effectively teach the messages of the Bible to the newborn.

When a newborn comes into the family, they first learn by observation and the senses. They learn by touch (hands), sight (eyes), smell (nose), sound (ears), and the baby's most important, taste (tongue). Those are the five senses, but babies come with two more very important senses that are still very much intact, that grownups and older kids quickly lose out on because of modern society.

What are those additional two senses, that make the total seven (and not five)? That is emotional intelligence and kinesic intelligence. Babies learn to use their emotional intelligence and kinesic intelligence very good very early on in their physical experience, because of their lack of clear communication and verbal abilities.

Textures, Tastes, Tingles...

So babies learn textures by touching objects and things with their hands, they can only approach these textures with their sight (eyes). They can smell things that are offensive or pleasant with their nose.

They recognize their mothers, fathers, and other siblings they may have heard when they were in the womb, presently by placing the sound of their voice with their faces (ears). And everything else comes back to taste. It's not until they get older, during the active stage of learning to move (crawl) that they start to observe.

They watch and observe how dad treats mom, and how the siblings interact. They observe if there is a dad or siblings; all these things make a difference in their adult product. They observe dinner, prayer, tones, the body language of each person, and the style of everyone’s life. They copy directly, mostly mom and dad, then siblings, and so forth.

So how does this correlate with principles, history, and prophecy and relearning the Bible by March of 2023? Simple. For the newborn in the Word of God, they must first learn by sight, touch, smell, sound, taste, emotions, and kinesics of your person, even of the congregation or company you keep. They'll initially have to get all of this from observation.

The next step is to teach the "newborn" (also the born-again) the principles by which they should live. While they may have observed this in behavior, learning or relearning and having the principles taught verbally (text, audio, video) to them is the next step. After the child has learned the principles, they may begin to recognize and observe for themselves, when out and about, that some people behave differently.

They'll notice others outside of their house may live in a separate manner from the principles shown and taught to them in their house. This is not a bad thing, as most parents, guardians, and pastors tend to teach the "Stay-Away-Doctrine." In the goodness of heart, they shone these things and people from the child instead of using it as a teaching moment. Recognizing different behavior and people who live by different principles is a good thing. It is a good place to begin to teach history.

The Importance of History

History explains how things took shape and shaped the way of the world today. Historical records will explain to the babe why some people are abrasive and some passive. It will explain why some people eat a certain way, play a certain way, work a certain way, and live by a separate set of principles.

History explains the diversity of culture, ethnic groups, and even beliefs. Teaching principles and history give the baby, the babe, and the child the power to discern the two. They can actively make a choice about which set of principles they feel fit them best.

Of course, as a parent, “While you live under my roof, you going to live by my principles,” may be the thought process and rule of law. It should. However, when the child is of age and grown, the child gets to go about life and make their own decision about how they would like to live because it is their choice; it is their free will.

Let me help you! The child however cannot make a good choice without sound doctrine. They cannot make the best choice without the stage being evenhanded, and without a good foundation of true principles and true history taught to them. This is where the proverb comes from that commands to "Train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are old, they will not depart from it."

The last ideology needed to teach the babe is prophecy; this helps them understand where they are going based on the choices they make today. History has already taught us what direction we will go and end up in. It all depends on the choice of principles we decide to live by. Therefore life is not as spookily and eerily prophetic as much as it is historically prophetic.

Observation and Understanding Historic Cycles

By observing what has taken place in the past based on decisions people before us have made, we can take their results and know where we will land. This is why parents tell harshly disobedient sons who join gangs or sell drugs they know where they are going to end up.

“You going to end up dead or in jail, that’s where you going Marshawn!” 

The parent can very well say, “According to statistical data and analytics Marshawn, you are 12 years of age now; that means you will be in and out of jail 7 to 8 times before the age of 18 and or you will be shot dead in the streets before the age of 15 to 17 if you continue or decide to join this highly dangerous activity and organization you call a gang and drug dealing.” 

The same for teenage pregnancies and children who are lackluster in the classroom or about learning.

Now, the babe is easier to teach from their youth and direct along the paths of righteousness than the adult who needs reforming. The adult who has grown up without directions, without wisdom, and without sound or structural knowledge is not doomed, but they have hurdles to overcome.

The mean or the offensive way this is said is that this adult “Needs Therapy!” Let’s take a step back because being told you need therapy are fighting words in some communities. Have you seen how people react when someone tells them they need therapy? It's like they've been called a broken soul for eternity.

In reality, we're all broken in different ways, and being told or acknowledging you need therapy is a great gift. And what is “Therapy?”

Therapy has two main definitions on the Google Search platform: the first is a treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder. The second is the treatment of mental or psychological disorders by psychological means.

We all just need some help to heal!

In plain, therapy is a method used to make someone correct a disorder. Life must needs be orderly. We have Orders in society to make things run fluidly. The Order of the Son of God is one.

Back to the adult who was raised with little direction, little structure, and no sound principles. As they grow up, they have still learned a way to cope and even succeed in life. However, in order to succeed and be accepted in a perfect Kingdom, one must be perfect.

The standard of perfection from a biblical perspective was given by the Creator in the person known as Jesus Christ. Now watch this! You watching?


We all know how to walk, but did you know there is a right and even perfect way to walk? We all know how to talk or speak, but did you know with breath control, there is a right and wrong way to speak?

In order to learn the right way of something, you must FIRST put down the way you currently do them in order to embrace the new.

What about the Catholic, Muslim, Torah-only Jew, the atheist, the “Christian,” and those who grew up hating the “I’m the only way,” “better and holier than thou” Christian? I would imagine they would all need therapy. Israel Kingdom of Priest Preparatory Institute (IKOPPI) is the therapy.

Our approach is simple and easy to embrace no matter the person, family, culture, ethnic group, age, gender, or even orientation. We teach the Bible from three perspectives and in three separate curriculums.

One is the principles. We live the principles and we also lead by teaching this first.

Two, the history. The records of the past have shaped the present, they will also direct and define the future. We can alter some of that future (at least for ourselves and close loved ones) by changing the principles we choose to live by.

The third curriculum is prophecy. History predicts the future, and from a prophetic standpoint, “We know how this ends,” because in the recorded history of the sons of Adam when things ended, they usually ended because of the principles the people lived by were living.

Going through our curriculum will vastly change the way you live and perceive the records you’ve called The Bible, all these years. Here is the last thing we teach.

Love and respect, blessings, grace, and Godspeed.

How do you get into this course, which we call Principles, History, and Prophecy Coursework (PHPC) for a Kingdom of Priests? You simply have to enroll. This is our inaugural class, and it is only open to the first 24 students. We're calling this inaugural class and group the VECs of tomorrow. That is the Very Elect Children; with this inaugural group, we will expand to allow those who do not meet our initial criteria TODAY, to still become Elect Children or ECs.

But still, we must give you fair warning.

Enrollment is not free! 

Uh Oh. We see hundreds jumping overboard. Here's the thing. The Word of God is free. Our course line and curriculum are not. Remember, a workman is worthy of his hire. If a ballplayer stays up late at night to shoot a thousand more shots than their teammates and opponents, why would anyone be upset they signed a $40M contract compared to the league minimum guys and gals?

If we take the time to order things and put them together, who’s to stay or say the monetary value of the labor?

Why should the Bible or the Word of God be sold when the Word of God is free for all people? I'm sure a few people will ask. In a response from the social website Quora, a man named David Williams responded by saying, 

“It is in fact free. If one wants a leather or other durable cover on it, concordance in the back, and some money to go to the translators (not an unfair proposition), it will cost a little. But the bible is given away more times than it is sold, I am guessing by a long shot. 100 to 1? Something like that. And, U-version, and other sites have the bible free for anyone who wants to read it. No one has to buy the ‘for sale' versions. Whether online or in print, bibles are available free. If you want nice covers, notes, end pages, maps, etc., and etc., that someone has to go to the expense to provide, they had to pay for it to provide for you. The choice is up to anyone. Seems fair to me. Yes, No?”

We agree with Mr. David Williams, and would also add... “free” in our modern society tends to give sentiments of no value. We live in a world where free seems to be the "foot-in-the-door," ploy or it's literally, what you pay for. We choose to make this teaching elite Holy Spirited and Holy Ghost-led information, organized for the babe and the sinner, which we all were once upon a time in our lives.

So again, enrollment is not free, yet it is free. This is what we mean and how IKOPPI works. When you enroll, you will receive the digital formats of all the books we teach from, when we teach out of them. This way, there is no going ahead of the group. Also, we maintain a symbiotic step in learning; this means we teach in order and together. And I quote, "Where are two or three gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them."

Skipping steps is like the newborn coming in and trying to eat a chicken leg or wings and drinking Kool-aid. In reality, that would be hazardous to the life of the newborn and likewise, such behavior spiritual and biblically speaking would be hazardous to you, the babe, or the one who needs the therapy.

Okay, okay, okay... What's the price for this course and what do disciples receive?

The course is 30 days, a private group of the first 24 enrollees. We plan to keep the class small and intimate. And enrollment is $1,000 a month! We know, that's expensive for many people, until we make people feel silly by asking, "How much would you place on the value of the Word of the Heavenly Father, our Maker?"

One of the wisest once said, "Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding."

However, we’ve decided that that would exclude a lot of people, especially with the nature of the country and world today. So we have decided to make the course a one-time enrollment of $500.

What if you do not have $500? "What do I do before March 2023?"

No problem. We teach the principles for free to everyone signed up on our website for free. You will receive emails inviting you to that class. However, history and prophecy are reserved for paying class members. And we will share much of the class with the general public, but it may not be as organized or detailed.

Hey, I know how it is not to have the money to get into classes and courses or buy things I needed and wanted. But I remember for the things I truly desired, the Spirit would help me find a way.

And look at this, look at how backward we all can be with our orientation of money and value. I spend big bucks, big money on an education for a dead-in-job. I've spent a lot of money on so-called "self-help" seminars. Some money blunders were worth it, some were total zonks.

I remember I once sold everything I had to get into a get-rich-scheme program and it went nowhere. I've paid hundreds of dollars, even thousands for business tools. I've purchased cars that cost more than some people's houses. Even today, I'll drop $98 at the gas pump. I once did that three times in one week and thought to myself, "I'm silly!"

Do you know why? 

At the time I wanted to learn more about blockchain technology, and I hesitated for a month to buy a guy's book for $29 to teach me the ends and outs. I'm like why am I hesitating to buy a $30 course while I'm just dropping hundreds on gasoline, going nowhere?

When I realized how foolishly institutionalized I was I began to spend big dollars to educate myself for my own personal happiness. I invested in the Myles Munroe audio and book collection series, I learned about investing financially, because I'd finally understood how to invest spiritually. When the Spirit of God prompted me to learn from someone, I stopped hesitating and went and sat with the teachers.

Many churches out there, too many to name will see I have their catalog in my libraries because I was directed to learn from them, doesn't matter if they were Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Hebrew, Israelites, One Nation, or nature's indigenous groups. I learned they all had something to offer me in my devotion to our Heavenly Father, through our Messiah.

This is a sour point we've been conditioned to have towards individualized education. We're not going to invest in our mind, $100, $200, or $1,000 because we place no value in it. But we'll take that $1,000 and go on a vacation to ease the flesh, or take the kids to Disneyland.

I realized the reasons I don't invest in my brain is that I either knew I wouldn't do the work required, being lazy or doubtful, two real God-pleasers, or I wasn't humble enough to go sit with another more knowledgeable man or dare I say, a woman and receive what the Highest gave them that I can utilize. Oh and compensate them for sharing without saying something silly like, "I'm glad God gave you that to give to me for free so I can still take the wife out for dinner and a movie at our favorite $ 300-a-plate restaurant. Go back and stay up to the wee hours and spiritually feed me tomorrow. Same time, same channel, my man."

If this is cutting you, just know it did me also. We have this idea that as long as we can go take out a student loan, we'll go to man's so-called educational structures. However, we've probably all witnessed peers and friends with degrees, titles, and honors, and yet they are financially broke, poor, and unhappy when the director says, "Cut," and they go into their homes. You know, when we don't see them...

However, real education is the education that will make you happy.

There was once a Man who said, “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a treasure hid in a field; the which when a man has found, he hides it, and for joy thereof goes and sells all that he has, and buys that field.”

I've found this treasure. I'm full of joy and happiness, every day of my life. Sure, I grieve with much wisdom, only because I see people so hooked to the way of life presented to us from youth. We're so attached, so unaware of spiritual matters, we cannot see the joy, peace, and love that awaits us if we would take on the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of our Almighty Father.

I yearn to pass this joy, peace, and understanding to you. But free only breeds carelessness. You might read a book you got for free...

You will certainly read one you purchased for $1,000!

I know some people may not like this. "He's trying to make money, he's taking advantage of the poor and needy. How dare he make money on God's Word that he received for free!"

You are right in whichever opinion or thoughts you have. Yet, keep in mind, that ((BSM) our primary website) is LOADED with free content that will safely get you into the Kingdom of Christ and the Father. There are over 1,000 articles and videos on there since 2011... since then we've probably taken in, financially, a total of $100 for material, books, apparel, and donations in over 10 years. From a website with over 50K web visitors a month!

In addition, we are taking all our years of study, all of our content, all the books that have shed considerable light on the Word of God for us, and ALL the HOLY GHOST has brought back to our memory, and we are putting it in ORDER for you! With the amount of time and energy this takes, you should be a bit thankful it is $500 and not $50,000!

We work for a living and have one special donor that has supplied BSM financially since its inception (and bless her heart). So, we don't need money, we can make this free like everything else.

But the stakes are higher now. Now we're calling for more serious disciples who can hear the spiritual click of the shotgun. They are like the tribe of Issachar, they have an understanding of the times. They know about the warning shots, and more importantly, they are ready to do something about it.

As I mentioned earlier, I sold everything I had and the more I could have had in this life to get this information and knowledge. I thank the Father on an hourly basis for my desire and choice. I personally believe I've been rewarded because of my desire to live according to the principles.

So I do have empathy for those who cannot afford the enrollment cost; because of this, we do have scholarships and grants (gifted by current students). You just have to email us to inquire about available scholarships and grants. And remember, the Almighty knows if you're sitting on $2M all the while asking for a $500 grant.

Here's another thing we've added to this course. At the end of the course, your $500 can be refunded to you if you desire. All you have to do is go through the coursework, show up to class, and graduate.

Graduation is simple: Did you want to repent and be re-baptized? That means the Holy Spirit certainly visited you. If the coursework makes sense to you and you receive it. You've graduated. All you have to do is treat this like any other institution. You'll call your professor if you were going to miss class. You'll participate in group assignments, and you'd treat it with professionalism. That's all we ask. If you do this...

You can request the return of your $500 investment in IKOPPI.

Now, What do we do with the money if we don't need it? 

We do what we have always done and continue to do with excess money; we feed the poor, fatherless, widow, needy, and oppressed. And we continue to find other avenues to share the Law of the Gospel. Funds go towards preparing souls for the Kingdom of Christ.

Thus, we only put a price on the preparatory course so you can take the course with the seriousness you would with anything else you place your hard-earned money into. So you can discipline yourself to commit to it, and judge if it was of value and worth your time and money. 

We are about building community, bringing family members back to the Father through Christ, and preparing for His Kingdom. If you have a similar purpose, come on in, we, with you, are a Kingdom of Priests.

Don’t despair, we want everyone who truly desires to learn in the most orderly way, the Holy Order.

Here is what to expect.

The course is one month. In week one, we go over the deep principles! In this section, you can expect to be overwhelmed by the Spirit of God because you will learn this is how you’ve always wanted to live, but you kept getting spiritual interference from the outside world.

We’ll share and dig into deep spiritual concepts of laws, statutes, and ordinances, that all boil down to simple principles. Ray Dalio wrote a great book called Principles. The principles you'll learn with PHPC will be a deeper dive than anything you've probably ever seen or heard.

Principles are rules to live by; in our book, A Kingdom of Priests, in section 4 we dived into Kingdom Principles both Macro and Micro (we’ll share that with you).

You’ll receive reading content to go over, and you’re going to be amazed and love the true principles of Christ. You’ll also learn you have much cleansing to do.

Do it.

In week two, we move into the historical context of the scriptures. This will be exciting because now, you’ll be able to become like a prophet. When the Sovereign Lord was helping Ezekiel see the nature of the elders of Israel, He spiritually elevated Ezekiel so he could see as the Sovereign Lord saw.

This is what true historical accounts will do for you. You’ll see past the classrooms, the seminaries, and schools of philosophy and theology that plague many would-be scholars and people alike. You are absolutely going to love how this goes hand in hand with the principles of the Creator. Regrettably, yet happily, you will understand why Jeremiah wrote the Gentiles will come from the ends of the earth to the Sovereign Lord and confess that they inherited lies, vanity, and things that are of no worth.

In week three, we nosedive into the prophecies. Just by the historical accounts alone, you’ll have a great grasp of the prophetic accounts. You’ll also know, without a shadow of a doubt, the great danger that is right around the corner from us today.

For week four, we’ll summarize things, story flow it, and deal with the tons of questions you may have. If you graduate, you’re free to join us again for another four weeks, start your own class, or mini-class, or help us continue to build out. We have a special strategic way we are going about doing this and need all the arms, legs, legs, arms, heads we can get to transform as many people before the great day comes.

You really have nothing to lose because the $500 investment is dependent on you... so you actually have everything to gain. Be a part of the inaugural class and group.

Enroll Today!

Enrollment Closes on September 14th, 2022 or for the first 24 Enrollees


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