“Have You Been Wondering How to Obey the Almighty’s Voice and Keep His Covenant, So You Can Become a Part of His Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation?!”

If you have ever wondered about the reference to “a Kingdom of Priests,” and How to obey the voice of our Father, the Creator, and keep His Covenant so we become His Holy Nation and a Kingdom of Priests, you have stumbled or been led to the right address.

Do you feel a disconnect between the teachings of the Old Testament and your daily life? Are the parables of Christ a puzzle you’re yet to solve? Our institute is here to bridge that gap, offering you a fresh and exciting perspective on your faith. You are invited to dive into a journey that makes the ancient words come alive in today‚Äôs world.

What You’ll Discover:

  • How each parable of Christ is a key unlocking the wisdom of the Old Testament.
  • Practical steps to bring the Kingdom of God into your everyday life.
  • The secret to a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with God.
  • Life-changing insights that will illuminate your spiritual path.

Remember, the Father said to Obey My Voice; the Anointed said that His sheep hear His voice! Listen to that inner voice instructing you to take the next steps! Obedience to the Voice of the Almighty requires clothing of Truth and Righteousness and a leap of faith into what may appear as the unconventional.

Take that Leap, the Next Step in Obeying the Great Creator’s Voice: Click Right Here Right Now!