Regain Your SuperPowers by Being Strong in the LORD in His Might, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Spirit

KingdomOfPriests.com breaks down the Kingdom process in basic building blocks like never seen before and we share with you how to assemble the building blocks for your success (both in the physical and spiritual life).

Get proven processes, gain laser-like focus, gain the spirit of evangelism, and join a community (kingdom) of spiritually focused individuals. We aim to reprogram our brains for righteousness and superhuman (godlike) abilities.

Biblical Kingdom Teaching Won't Be Learned by Osmosis, It Is By Precept Upon Precept and Line Upon Line

KingdomOfPriests.com aims to get saints to become consuls and ambassadors with laser-focus on the simple comprehensions and actions that create everlasting results. You will find our student-partners adding value to both physical and spiritual societies, optimizing systems and doing works. They will be doing works and not just chomping at the gums on social media.

Old School Biblical Teachings are Outdated!

Most bible scholars and ministers today teach the Bible based on the education preference they learned in theological seminary schools.

They do not teach in-depth or at all the "who's who" of the Bible today! For instance, most people don't know or care who are Ishmael's descendants today from the Bible or who are the Ammonites.

We teach this from a kingdom preference and breakdown all the families of the earth so it makes a lot more sense! It also gives us more knowledge of what is going on in the world today!

Emptying the Full Clip

We give everything there is to share with this institute. On the first level, there is our Elect Kingdom Bible Course (or EKBC). This is a file with a story, reframe, summary, and study of each chapter of the KJV.

We also have the Kingdom of Priests Study Course (KOPSC); this is 8 Lessons that will orchestrate the history, prophecy, and principles of the Bible so clear, a five-year-old could recite it front and back! We were really excited to receive this from the Holy Spirit and we're just as excited to share it with you!

Space could be limited, so enquire today!

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