Enroll Today In the Kingdom of Priests Institute and Receive 8 Great Lessons That Will Walk You From “In the Beginning” … to “Even so Come, LORD JESUS…”


The Israel Kingdom of Priests Institute will give you the simple yet scholarly guide to the Word of the ALMIGHTY and the correct history, prophecy, and principles needed to decode the world and Word of the LORD!

Now more than ever is the time to step up and learn the Bible for yourself. It is time to learn the truth and not a watered-down version of the Word of God, and certainly not the poisonous teachings that plague so many in the world today!

If you will, the Bible is about a certain Nobleman, even a King, and a Kingdom was given to Him by His FATHER. The domain (territory) for the Kingdom is the planet earth which the King rules over and with His royal family (mankind and the holy angels).

Along the way, the Kingdom met a crafty, deceptive, adversarial, devilish enemy that successfully deceived the entire world. 

Despite this, it is the intent of the Nobleman/King to recover His Kingdom (in full) because it is the loving desire of He and His FATHER to have it so.

Most People Have Never Had the True Story Told to Them!

Most people haven’t had the true story told to them because the evil and rebellious adversaries are holding souls captive, even souls that have been redeemed by the King/Nobleman.

If this sounds like a great trailer to a movie thus far, it is probably so because it is a great trailer to a movie and you and I play a major role in this “screenplay.” 

In a moment, we are going to introduce to you a significant way to learn the past (history), present, and future (prophecy), and the principles (law) to remain in right-standing (righteousness), before the ALMIGHTY!

The course we’re about to present to you (Elect Kingdom Study Course) will be one of the most remarkable courses you will ever take part in.

The classes are not boring, they aren’t traditional bible classes, where you go here, go there, bring out encyclopedias, and long lectures… well maybe a little of that…

We have a very unique platform and course that makes our project and program, in our opinion, truly one of a kind!

Our curriculum is broken into two parts; the EKSC (Elect Kingdom Study Course) and the IKOP (Israel Kingdom of Priests). 

In the former, our student-partners receive an elect bible chapter we call “Study Sum.” These are chapter RSS or Reframes, Studies, and Summaries of each chapter.

The RSS Usually Help People Understand the Entire Bible within the First 12 Chapters of the Book of Genesis (ALONE)!

This is what people have told us; we start the EKSC with a reframe, which is the chapter written in a story form in modern-day English. 

Finally, you’ll be provided a summary and a brief study of the chapter. This will become so instrumental in repetition, which benefits overall learning.

The second portion of the course is really the main dish; it is the IKOP and this will simply blow you away

Most people don’t understand the Bible because they can’t follow the storyline. One of my biblical mentors once told me, “You have to be able to follow the story and tell it to others!”

Why aren’t people able to follow the story?

There are many reasons people aren’t able to follow the story; the main reason is that most people are compounded by misinformation, mostly received in their churches, bible studies, and even educational institutions (and we’re not talking about your particular institutions, but the ones down the street from you). 

The best way to offset this is to get a radical reeducation.

Just as it was written in Carter Godwin Woodson’s book, The Mis-Education of the Negro, we have the Mis-Education of God’s People. 

We’re not the only ones saying this, the prophets, apostles, and even the very Messiah said the same thing!

We intend on mending truths and breaking false and incorrect mental spiritual and educational strongholds; we plan on decimating centuries of lies, coverups, and complicated readings, teachings, and preachings simply by sharing and displaying an accurate study of the scriptures.

We intend on removing barriers such as those that avoid teaching the who’s who of the Bible and who they are in the world today. If the Bible is so true, the nation and peoples of the Bible should also be here and true today! 

We also will uncover how we all got to the particular places we are today; yes, even you reading this right now!

If you’re finally ready to be in the know and to come into the full light, learn the ALMIGHTY’s purpose, know your purpose with clarity, and become a full out king and priest in the Kingdom of Priests, then I would like to present to you…


The Israel Kingdom of Priests Institute

Celebrate ? ???? 

This is an ongoing 8-Lesson course where we will tear into the scriptures as you’ve probably never had before. 

And don’t worry, it’s not complicating or confusion (the ALMIGHTY is not the author of such); the elderly and the teenager could follow along with great satisfaction and comprehension! 

The well advanced will also be able to pick up on much and will possibly be triggered by the spirit to expound of more subjects!

A Kingdom of Priests means everyone in the Kingdom should comfortably be in the “KNOW” and incorporate the knowledge of the ALMIGHTY.

The subjects and classes emphasize all that we need to know in detail within the scriptures AND more. The classes are taught in a way that will allow you to learn best, as we’ve learned from the best educators on how to help people learn and retain information!

In all things, we should always find out the who, what, when, where, why, and how. This project addresses this in detail. Here is the institute and classes curriculum:

  1. The Beginning/The Creation
  2. The Rebellion – Sin and Death (Noah and the Flood)
  3. The Rebellion Part 2: The Intricacies of the Tower of Babel
  4. The ALMIGHTY, Abram, and the Covenant
  5. The Children of Israel, the Covenant and the Rebellion Part 3
  6. The Divided Kingdom and How this Changed the World Forever
  7. The Rise of Islam, Catholicism, and Judaism Plus the Dark Ages
  8. The Tribulation, the Great Tribulation, Unification of the Kingdom and the Millenial Reign of CHRIST

We’ll walk you through the creation, the purpose, and all the details of who were involved. We take a deep dive into the rebellion, who was really behind Adam and Eve’s decision to jump ship!

Together we’ll also learn how the rebellion continues with untempered mortar and why we now have the two main figures in the Bible as it pertains to peoples… the Gentiles and the children of Israel!

You’ll learn about the children of Israel and how they became divided…

We will even go into why we have a rise in other major religious organizations such as Islam, Catholicism, Buddism, and more.

Lastly, we’ll walk through what really took place during the dark ages that are leading us to the Kingdom of CHRIST and the Millenial Reign.

Millennials will probably really want to have a glued seat in this Institute (from whence they received their age bracket name)!

We Trust You Will Be Blown Away!!

The classes are recorded for you view online in a way for maximum absorption. They also include weekly live online question and answer and discussion. Everything is recorded. 

You will also receive the PDF notes to allow you to study throughout each week. When you’re done, you will take an examination and upon passing, you will receive a certificate upon the completion.

You are more than welcomed to stay on and recycle the course because they do build upon each other. 

It’s not a secret, we are in the latter days of the prophecy of the scriptures, so we will often have impromptu classes that deal with current events, what and where the IKOP (church) should be and resources we can and should have access too.

There is more to share, but I’m sure you’re wondering how you can take part in this course at this time? We first have to say there is a course tuition!

What is the cost of this course?

That’s an honest and great question. The truth of the matter is that there is a tuition and with great reason. 

It’s the value! 

The value of knowing the truth, the value of wisdom is far above rubies. We know that and we’re pretty sure you do as well.

The course, in our opinion, is worth eternal life through the Nobleman/King we spoke of earlier. In the interim, it is certainly worth knowing who’s who! 

Most knowledgeable pastors and biblical scholars can’t tell you who the Amalekites are today, or who the beast is or who definitively are the Romans are in antiquity; are they the sons of Japheth, Ham, or Shem? 

Because most goodhearted Christians aren’t taught these types of things in detail, they could be eating from the Devil’s table and not even know it!

We’ll go through the genealogies in a very fun way and you’ll learn the secret is in the genealogies…

All of this is what makes the value of this course really important since we are in interesting times in the earth as it pertains to world powers and talks of one world governments!

Most important is salvation! You may already have secured that (or working on securing it) via baptism and you are here to increase your learning and knowledge base.

We get it; people come here for different reasons, still, we want to assure you, we’ve put a lot of time, effort, and resources into this project.

This course is not just centered around basic bible tenets, but around the entire world, the Kingdom and its relationship to the Word of POWER. 

So we know the time, years, money, and resources we’ve put into this course certainly has much value.

On top of this, the feedback we’ve received from our trial run students has been magnificent; people have just been blown away!

Taking Learning to A New Level

We teach a free version of the Word of POWER every Sabbath as commanded minus the name dropping. We keep back the who’s who for particular reasons… 

…knowing CHRIST (the Nobleman/King), that He died for you, and so loved the world, and He will return and we will forever be with the LORD is certainly enough to keep one spiritually alive, motivated, and unquestionably grateful.

However, Paul spoke of another Jesus, that he nor the apostles taught, and the “other Jesus” was already on the scene working to establish himself in the earth, some two-thousand years ago…

The adversary is crafty and many good & wholesome “Christians” unbeknownst find themselves serving the “other Jesus” and not the Nobleman/King. 

This is strictly because of crafty deceitful counsel by the adversary of the ALMIGHTY.

This is what digging deeper is all about, to know without a shadow of a doubt!

Thus this course is not for those who only want to debate, or for church and bible reading junkies that just want to add to their repertoire so they can beat up on other people. 

It is also not for the lazy or content.

This is for people who want to become teachers, scholars, ambassadors, consuls, and true ministers for the Nobleman/King, and His FATHER, our FATHER.

We would also you know, the tuition or fee for the course is utilized in three dimensions:

Your tuition supports the poor, needy, fatherless, widowed, and oppressed populations around the globe.

To continue the outreach of the Kingdom of Priests Institute (educational ministry) that allows us to reach other nations, their state leaders, and support financially depressed areas in their states, it takes funding!

We want to help all best prepare for the end of the age, when the Nobleman/King makes His triumphant (for His saints), yet dreadful (for the neutral and adversaries) return to this earth.

We believe teaching is for reaching, and by reaching, we mean reaching out, reaching others… and if we do that as a collective, aside from learning more, learning correctly, and learning with an actionable purpose, we immediately begin to transform tiny sectors of the earth until the ultimate appropriation.

So, how much is this course going to cost you?

Well, when you know you’ll be learning the top of the line content that rivals even the best institutions in the world; couple this with a third of your tuition going to help the poor and oppressed, we’re sure you would think such a course would cost thousands of dollars.

You may believe the course would mimic the tuition of a prestigious university! 

We thought about making this $12,000 a year since people take out loans and pay their college tuition, and looking at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Princeton, $12K would not be so bad… 

…only the very serious would enroll…

… even if you went to Harvard’s top theological seminary… and we know many people, family, and friends who have finished top theological seminary programs!

Funny thing is that they collectively tell us they may have opened the Bible twice in three years! Ouch, what are they learning… but look at such tuitions!!!???

That’s beside the point; the point is that we know asking you or anyone for $24k or even $12K is preposterous… therefore we decided to make it a fraction of that amount!

Plus we truly believe the Word of the ALMIGHTY should be free to all… yet we understand the word “free” rings to the ears of average man and woman as valueless … and that is not the idea we wish to present.

This is why we decided to make the course $1,200/Year!

With the proverb, helping the poor covers a multitude of sins, you’ll be happy to know you are personally participating in helping the less fortunate …

With this, you’ll look at your tuition more as an investment in yourself and others. And we’ve made it, even more, accommodating for you to break it into monthly payment; hence your total investment is a small, yet powerful investment of just $100/Month!

But you can take advantage of our power-slasher if you get started before our next 8-Lesson cycle which starts July 15th, 2020!

If you enroll before 7:28 pm CST on July 10th, we’ll give you $50 a month and your monthly tuition will just be $50/Month.

If you have any reservations for not starting, then don’t start at all. We don’t want to drag people along. If we gotta drag you in, we’re going to have to drag you through.

Whether you’re in or out, CHRIST is still LORD to the glory of the FATHER; however, in this institute and course, we personally learned some things that just floored us and that’s why we are so confident it will do the same for you!

Get started with us today!

Thus, we don’t want to drag, convince, or sell you in, instead, we want to clear all reservations and concerns you have by making it super, super simple for you to get started without feeling any weird emotions!

Weird emotions like what if I don’t like the course, the teacher, the fellow students, or some of the other concerns people have.

You can get started today with a full 30-Day complete money-back guarantee! That’s right, literally attend four sessions and get a full-feel of the course, the teachers, presenters, and how we conduct ourselves…

… and if you find the course what we think you will find the course, just continue and you’ll be charged the monthly tuition as normal.

If the class is not everything and more, then request a full refund and without any questions, we will refund your tuition fee, no hassle. You do not have anything to lose!

Here are a few bonuses we want to give you a sneak peek on…

Bonus Number One: By joining the Kingdom of Priests Institute, you’ll learn entry-level Paleo Hebrew, Samaritan Hebrew, Moabite Hebrew, and how this can and will dramatically increase your comprehension of the Bible.

Secret; if you speak Mandarin or English, you already speak a very broken form of Hebrew already! You’ll learn more in the Elect Kingdom Study Course.

Bonus Number Two: story learning is very POWERFUL; you’ll get our story form literature, which will increase you’re learning power by 94%… we will add this to the KOP Institute when you get started and join today!

Here’s a recap of what you’re getting with your tuition:

  • RSS Chapter Study Sums
  • Weekly Kingdom of Priests Courses
  • Weekly Live Q & As and Discussion

We’re excited and we hope you are also. Join us today and we shall see you inside!

Join the Israel Kingdom of Priests Today!