The Story of the Sons of Adam

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One of the better ways to understand the word of the Great Creator is to understand the flow of the story. The story flow or the storyline makes the word of the Creator more understandable. It’s just like when you watch a movie or read a book the comprehension of the movie or the book makes for a more pleasant or pleasurable viewing for entertainment and educational prospects. However, if you are unable to follow the storyline you may hear phrases like 'I don’t get it," or "I didn’t get it," and when people "don’t get it," they show no interest.

And this will lead to people living life outside of the premium prescribed to them by the Director or the Author and Creator of the show we are all in, called "The Days of Our Probated Lives. The book you are about to read is an abbreviated presentation of the story of the sons of Adam, featuring Noa, Abram, Akobe (also known as Jacob), Yosef (Joseph), and all of us.
This story flow should help you understand the narrative and then it becomes your job to either read the book or in our modern-day generation we can watch YouTube videos of people who dissect the book in movie or video form to give us a higher standing of the story.
We only hope you are edified and some of the scales on our eyes are removed.
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